Good Education

What is Good Education?

Goodjustice helps a great number of children in Honduras and Malawi. The parents to some of these children do not have an education for themselves and their children wouldn’t either if it were not for the key partnerships that Goodjustice has with the schools. Because of our key partnerships, we have a high success rate. This means that a lot of our students are graduating from the program. These students are being rapidly replaced by the new Kindergartners coming in.

After the child you sponsor graduates, we are still in need of your help! So, we came up with this idea. Instead of sponsoring the student, you are sponsoring their desk. That way, when someone graduates, another student has an opportunity to receive the education they need to be successful.

For only $25 a month you you can sponsor the education of a vulnerable child. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us here >

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