About Us

Our Mission

Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.

For nearly 20 years, Goodjustice has been bringing hope and opportunities to marginalized communities around the world. Goodjustice has provided basic needs like water and shelter along with giving education and partnership to transform communities both through meeting essential needs and providing valuable resources. Goodjustice is committed to global partnership and transformative work to bring hope and life to those who need it.

Board and Staff

Jeff Ryal


When Jeff first traveled internationally to see the great global need firsthand, his life was forever changed. Goodjustice was born out that life-changing moment and of a lifelong passion to bring hope to places that need it most. Jeff is a husband; father of three and grandfather of two and a growing family have continued to grow his fervor for changing the world.

Adam Hamilla

Vice President

Adam’s lifelong love of people and his passion for justice became his life’s mission after his first international trip in 2004. This mission has driven his life and he and his wife and daughter continue to spend their lives bringing hope and life to people everywhere.

Sara Ryal


After Jeff’s first international trip, Sara also had the opportunity to travel to see firsthand both the great need and the great opportunity for change that exists around the globe. Since then, she has continued to travel the globe partnering with leaders and educators and has worked to bring awareness back home. She has been employed as a CPA at a Flint, MI firm and continues to live her passion for justice both at home and abroad.

Nate Caldwell

Board Member

A decade of traveling with Goodjustice has given Nate a firsthand look at the need that exists around the world and has fortified his commitment to justice and his passion for loving and caring for the people of the world. He lives with his wife and three children and as a family they continue to do the work of justice and transformation around the world.

Aries Okungbowa-Ikponmwosa

Board Member

Aries loves extending the love of Christ to everyone she encounters with a bright smile. As a Nigerian-Canadian native, she enjoys community service and engagement wherever the opportunity presents. With a background in Public Health, she is dedicated in providing the necessary health education tools needed to aid communities with sustaining positive health-related behavior. She currently resides in San Antonio, TX.

Gloria Moore

Board Member

Gloria is a Family Nurse Practitionerwith a Doctor of Nursing degree. She is dedicated to everyone receiving equal access to excellent health care.

Gloria was first introduced to Goodjustice in 2013 with her first Hope/Good Trip to Honduras taking place in 2014. After many trips to Honduras she will tell you, “Honduras feels like home.” As an FNP she knows the impact that clean water can have and that is one of the main reasons she loves Goodjustice.
In her free time she enjoys exercising, singing, and spending time with family and friends. She is inspired by her son and mom to do better every day.

Dunia Ramírez

Honduras Field Operations Director

Dunia is a respected leader of her Honduran community and an essential Goodjustice team member. Dunia is committed to living out her passion of mentoring young leaders and seeing rural communities reach their full potential.

Captain Chisale

Malawi Field Operations Director

A Malawian native and community leader, Captain serves as the Malawi Field Operations Director for Goodjustice. As a respected community leader, his partnership is essential to the work that Goodjustice does in Malawi, Africa.

Dionicio Ramírez

Building & Agricultural Advisor

Héctor Madrid

Accounts Manager